Critical Mass Enterprises Presents
In Whyalla: Discover how you can become incredibly Successful and live life on your terms
On Saturday, the 6th of July, 2019, John Richter-Nguyen will be hosting a FREE seminar on wealth creation and self-development in Whyalla.
 Your mind will expand to new possibilities. 

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What You Will Learn From This Event:
Secret #1: 
How The Rich Think
You will learn:
1. How your paradigm is controlling your life and how to take back control

2. The philosophy of the rich and your secret advantage that you don't know you have, that puts you on the same level with millionaires and billionaires.
Secret #2: 
How To Multiply Your Money
You will learn:
1. The fundamental principles for investing; a guideline on how to multiple your money while you sleep!

2. The single, most lucrative, highest returning investment vehicle there is.
Secret #3:  Understanding The Online Opportunity 
You will learn:
1. The landscape of the online world and how you can build a solid business selling other people's products on AUTOPILOT with virtually no technical knowledge whatsoever! 
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